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An open letter to you…

Mental Health Awareness Week this year falls on the 16th – 22nd May 2016, with the theme of relationships. To make my own contribution, I want to write a letter.

It’s a nigh on undeniable statement that, whatever state someone’s mental health may be, cultivating healthy relationships is important in maintaining their health. Especially in the last few months, I’d found love and support and empathy in many of my own close relationships.

You all know who you are. You’re the friend who offered a fragrant cup of Jasmine tea and a long chat when it feels like my brain is about to melt with all the erratic thoughts buzzing around it. You’re the friend who offered advice and your own perspective on experiencing mental illnesses yourself. You’re the rock who held me tight as I cried for as long as I need to. You’re the friend who insisted I leave the house and do something crazy to lift my spirits.

You’re the friend who offered for me to stay at their home for a few days to get away from things for a while. You’re the friend who got me a Happy Book and made me write about the things that lift my mood every day. You’re the friend that encouraged me to go to the GP for the first time and texted me incessantly as I anxiously hugged myself and waited for the appointment. You’re the friend who offered to miss a weekend trip away so I wouldn’t be alone.

You’re the friend that texts me every few days to check on how I’m doing. You’re the friend that offered to pray for healing and encouragement and strength. You’re the friend that always notices when I’m feeling low and asks me if I’m okay. You’re the friend who unexpectedly sends funny Snapchats or corny jokes during the day. You’re the friend who readily gives out hugs. You’re the friend who is always up for a coffee and a chat. You’re the friend who gets me out of bed when I can’t motivate myself to move.

You’re the friend who literally dropped everything and took me to hospital in a crisis, brought my belongings and visited to keep me from being bored out of my mind. You’re the friend who decided to go on an early morning 5K run with me to get some endorphins. You’re the friend who joke about it all and make me feel better about it.

You are the friend whose acts of kindness and love I cannot possibly sum up in this one post. You are the friend whose impact on my life I cannot ever fully comprehend. You are the friend whom I am so, so glad to share life with.

Such was the love and compassion I was shown that I am convinced I can never begin to thank you adequately. But there’s no harm in trying.

All my love,



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