Life · Mental health

Running on empty

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post when I was on a bit of a high. I was exhilarated, I had stacks of plans and goals and tick lists and ideas, life seems to be generally going fantastically.

Well, dear readers, there came a crash.

My body was exhausted. My mind refused to acknowledge that physically I was at the very end of my reserves. I hadn’t slept particularly much; my eating pattern was all over the place. But my mind kept going, going, going. I didn’t want to admit that I needed to take a break.

In retrospect (hindsight really is great) I was probably not the best person to be around that week. My fuse got shorter and shorter until I snapped at the tiniest provocation. The lack of sleep eventually caught up to my brain and I ended up doing really stupid (though admittedly comical) things. Drunk with tiredness, I acted with little inhibition and not a lot of thought to consequences. I was twice as clumsy and, considering my normal level of coordination, that’s saying something.

Lesson learned. Running on empty = not good.

I urge you today to just stop for a minute. Take stock of your physical and emotional resources. Momentarily let go of the day’s tasks, duties and responsibilities. Briefly close your eyes and rest without ruminating on your worries. Take a moment to breathe, pray, or meditate. Fill up the proverbial tank.

In the bustle of life, it’s too easy to end up running on empty. Today, take a moment to stop.


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