52 Weeks of Gratitude · Life · Relationships

Week 2: Spouse or significant other

Whoa, talk about starting this gratitude challenge at the deep end.

On a serious note, I am incredibly lucky to stumble across my best-friend/partner hybrid. We were very close friends before we dated so we skipped over the whole awkward-first-stage-of-dating bit. Thank goodness. I’m awkward enough as it is…

What can I say about him? He is the kindest, most selfless, most compassionate man I ever got to know this well. He just cares about people and when he knows there’s something within his capabilities and resources he could do for someone, he’ll give his whole heart and soul into it. And when he’s passionate about something, the whole world would be able to tell. It’s contagious too: he got me, someone who was not remotely interested in vegging out on a couch and watching other people do sports, massively into F1. If someone told me last year I’d be religiously following the F1 teams and drivers like an excited schoolgirl, I’d have laughed in their face.

He was one of my closest confidantes when I was in the depths of my first depressive episode. He was one of the first people I told, and he had held and comforted me as I overcame that particular personal obstacle. Countless times he had calmed me down whilst I was in the middle of a panic.

He even hugged me tight and let me cry on him as I confessed that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to live. He raced to the hospital at silly o’clock in the morning to cheer me up when he found out about my first suicide attempt. Indeed, he drove like a madman with me in the back seat to A&E and endured the emotional trauma of a second attempt. In short, he has been a steadfast support and a literal and metaphorical lifesaver in the last few months.

Plus the fact that he’s super passionate about God too is cool. My personal relationship with God was at a low when we became close friends and he was doubtless one of the things that reminded me that, yes, I really want to give my whole life to God.

Life is good. I’m excited to share life with this best-friend/partner hybrid. He is doubtless something to be thankful for.


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