52 Weeks of Gratitude · Mental health · Relationships

Week 4: A family member

I’ve had this person on my mind for this post for days!

My little sister.

I say little, but to my annoyance she’s been taller than me for years; the gap between our heights is only increasing.

As the picture sort of hinted, she’s a budding photographer. She’s got a gift for most things artistic, actually, as she also ambitiously plays several instruments, draws, paints, sews (yeah, she sewed that pink thing she’s wearing in that photo), and goodness knows what else she fills her time with. Despite this, she’s academically inclined towards the Sciences more than the Arts (some people have it all, don’t they?).

She’s growing far too quickly to become a mature young woman. I tell her more than any teenage should have to deal with about the stupid stuff that I do when I have bad mental health days. Especially in the first weeks after diagnosis, when our parents were still largely ignorant about mental health and generally dismissive of medical intervention, it was the biggest help to have someone in the family who would just listen without judgement.

There are many, many reasons that I am thankful for my little sister, not all of which I can ever hope to summarise in a short blog post. She is just a rather awesome human whom I am glad to be able to share life with.


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