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Tips for decorating your student bedroom

It’s that time of year again! The end of the summer holiday is nigh (boo) and thousands of men and women are preparing to leave for university, perhaps for the first time. For me, moving into the student accommodation is a huge part of the excitement of the new academic year.

Those of you who have done it before might know that student digs aren’t normally known for its vast amount of space or style. Having lived in a house of ten in the past, I know that it can be cramped with everyone trying to win as much communal space as they can. Especially if you’re in university-managed accommodation, you might find that the room you’ll be living and studying (maybe) in for the next year feels rather impersonal.

I don’t normally put this much effort into decorating my university bedrooms, but some alien impulse to make my room look a bit homelier took over me this year. Whilst I’m on a creative streak, might as well get a blog post out of this!

Paper tape

Washi tape has been all the rage on social media recently. It originated from Japan and comes in pretty patterns whilst also having the advantage of leaving no residue on the surfaces it’s tacked on. This makes it ideal for us students as there’s no risking the wrath of estate agents or university accommodation porters for leaving sticky marks on the walls.

I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon with this trend and found that paper tape is surprisingly versatile when it comes to decorating. It’s been used to stick my photos to the walls, make a post-it “notice board” and suspend some super cheap bunting. I can even write on the clear tape to label the numerous drawers that look basically identical. There’s definitely loads more potential decorating-wise to these little guys. And, best of all, it’s cheap (AKA student-friendly)!

Hang things up

If you’re short on space, it’s worth getting removable hooks from which you can hang all sorts of things on. My least useful skill is forgetting something relatively small but disproportionately essential so having things on display is definitely a pro. As things stand right now, I cannot go out of my room without walking past my student badge. In theory it should make me less likely to forget it. However, my brain works in mysterious ways so I won’t bank on this too much.

Use whatever fabric you have to brighten things up

Rugs, runners, throws, scarves when they’re out of season… These are pretty good to just drape artistically around the room to disguise the fact that your furniture is the same as every other one found in the building (i.e. the cheapest defaults that they managed to find). In Indonesia, I’m pretty sure that the pieces of fabric on my desk and chair are traditional clothing rather than furniture décor, but we won’t mention that.

Anyhow, as I’m inherently quite messy, I don’t doubt that my gorgeous, pristine bedroom will soon look like (in my mum’s words) a shipwreck. Better enjoy the state of things whilst it lasts!


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