52 Weeks of Gratitude

Week 5: Something someone gave you

Welcome to week 5 of the gratitude challenge!

The movie Big Hero 6 came up a couple of years ago. I didn’t watch it till relatively recently but it’s since become one of my go-to feel-good films (not least because my boyfriend has it recorded on Sky and I don’t own any DVDs). I’m a sucker for cheesy, clichéd films, which is one of the reasons I liked this one so much. One of the main characters is a huge, inflatable robot who hasn’t had a “moody teenage sarcasm detector” programmed in – what else do you want out of a film?

If you want a more thoughtful reason to like this film, however, it’s that the huge inflatable robot Baymax was conceived (not in the literal, biological sense) to, uhm, take my future job as “your personal healthcare companion”. Having a moody, sarcastic teenager as a patient meant that soon Baymax and patient have to deal with emotional pain as well as the physical ones they pick up whilst saving the world. We as viewers learn that it’s okay not to be okay, to call out friends and family for help, and that at some point we will need to tackle and sort through difficult feelings head-on.

But I like it mostly cause Baymax is cute.

Anyway, my boyfriend first introduced me to it one evening when I was feeling especially mopey. Two weeks later, having seen how attached I got to Baymax on screen, he acquired a fluffy, mini, huggable version of my own personal Baymax. Needless to say I was rather thrilled.

Since then, Baymax has been sort of thrown at me whenever I start crying or being otherwise mopey. He’s become an inanimate comforter, almost like a weird teddy bear. He’s also a reminder that, indeed, it’s okay to not be emotionally ship-shape all the time. He’s a reminder and physical proof that there are always friends and family to help whenever I’m struggling. He’s also a gentle reminder that I can’t shy away from difficult issues all the time.

For that I’m grateful.


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