Fondly I say farewell

This is going to be the last post I make on this blog. 

I started this blog a few months ago because I felt that I needed to speak up about mental illness. I’d hoped that it would be a sort of stepping stone for me to be able to speak more candidly about it. Maybe someone might identify with one or two posts and feel less alone. 

I’d experienced all of that since I started writing. What’s more, I’ve found a supportive community of people whom I’d never have met otherwise. Having spoken about my own experience from behind the protective anonymity of a computer screen, I’d found it far easier to admit that I’m struggling when I’m offline. Private messages that shared how it has made a difference to people make me so happy that it’s worth it just for that. 

Running a blog with the main theme of mental health is just not something I want to maintain any more. Of late, ideas for new posts have diverged more and more to the point that it no longer keeps in line with the original theme of the blog. I think I’ve been more or less on a stable stretch in terms of my own health for a few months which might have contributed to the decreasing focus on mental health.

On that note, I’ve started a blog on the wider theme of student living. The way my posts are going it makes more sense to go at it from that point of view. Mental health will still be an important part of this new blog, especially from the point of view of being a university student. 

For all of you who’ve joined me through this blogging journey, thank you. Even if I’ve never met you in person, your support for the past few months made it feel like I do know you. It’s been lovely to share life with all of you. 


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