Bucket list!

It’s around half three on the morning of 04/08/16; I’d been trying to get to sleep and evidently it’s not working that well. I’ve decided that I’m not the slightest bit sleepy – might as well put this time into some kind of use! What better thing to do at silly A.M. than to compile a bucket list?

For my inner musician

  1. Learn and perform a complete piano sonata. Preferably Sonata no. 8 (Pathétique) – Beethoven but I ain’t musical enough to be fussy about which sonata I learn.
  2. Compose a whole, four movement (non-piano or organ) sonata and get it performed live. No Sibelius, no recording tracks by one person, no cheating!
  3. Conduct a choir or orchestra.
  4. Busk in the street.
  5. Learn to play the harp. Get reasonably proficient (Grade 5-ish standard). Perform said harp.

For my inner sportswoman

  1. Run a marathon. Decide on a worthwhile charity and raise money for it whilst I’m at it.
  2. Go to an F1 event (practice/qualifying/race/testing); state of bank account probably determines exoticness of location. Fangirl embarrassingly hard.
  3. Take up some sort of sporty performing art (e.g. cheerleading, dance, or gymnastics). Perform in said sporty performing art at a recognised event.

For my inner philanthropist

  1. Donate all my hair to charity. As in: be left with a short back and sides. Maybe even go to a barbershop to do it. I’ll have to grow out my bleached ends for ages until I get enough hair for it to be worth donating, though.

For my inner adventurer

  1. See the Aurora Borealis. I hear you can see it from Scotland? ROAD TRIP.
  2. Go wild camping (this time without the guidance of Duke of Edinburgh instructors). Preferably don’t get grievously injured or hopelessly lost or into an unwinnable argument with a hungry cow.

General life bucket list

  1. Get married to the love of my life.
  2. Adopt a child (N.B. if said love of my life above isn’t keen, maybe adopt a rescue dog instead).
  3. Baptise someone who means a lot to me. Speaking of which, I need to get baptised myself.
  4. Go to a super-fancy restaurant on my own. Cue some saving up.

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