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God in my recovery

The people who know me offline are (probably) aware that I’m a Christian. The people who know me quite well probably also know that I’ve struggled with the God-and-mental-health concept for a bit. People have told me that I (a) should seek spiritual healing rather than turn to medication and psychotherapy and (b) shouldn’t be depressed… Continue reading God in my recovery

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This week I’m listening to…

A couple of weeks ago someone introduced me to the American Christian band Sidewalk Prophets and ever since, I’ve been obsessively listening to their newest album: Something Different. There’s a pretty good mix of styles and, though there are always those songs in the album that you skip every time, this album is one of those special, rare… Continue reading This week I’m listening to…

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Changing my goalposts

As with others who similarly have had to deal with a condition that does not manifest itself as outwardly, obvious physical signs, I am no stranger to people who question the validity of this ‘illness’ that I have. Close family members, friends, and complete strangers alike express their advice to “think positively” or to “pray… Continue reading Changing my goalposts