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God in my recovery

The people who know me offline are (probably) aware that I’m a Christian. The people who know me quite well probably also know that I’ve struggled with the God-and-mental-health concept for a bit. People have told me that I (a) should seek spiritual healing rather than turn to medication and psychotherapy and (b) shouldn’t be depressed… Continue reading God in my recovery

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“Why are you depressed?”

One of my friends found out a few days ago that I was taking antidepressants. I’ve seen plenty of different reactions to people learning that I have depression, some way more original (and comical) than others. But since then, he’d been bugging me with the question: “why are you depressed?” Interestingly enough, it stumped me.… Continue reading “Why are you depressed?”

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Supporting your friend with depression

I’m not gonna lie, not too long ago I had absolutely no idea how to help someone going through a depressive episode. I’ve made more than a few mistakes, made things worse at times, and spent more time not knowing what to do than actually helping. After being on both the giving and receiving end,… Continue reading Supporting your friend with depression

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What to do if you want to end your life

Okay. This was a difficult one for me to write, but I gave it my best shot. You might have been told you have depression; you might not. You might have mildly intrusive thoughts about the possibility; you might have made concrete plans. You might have been thinking about it for a long time; you… Continue reading What to do if you want to end your life

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Telling the big bosses

At the beginning of medical school, I remember having a scary lecture along the lines of professional behaviour. Prominent in this lecture was “Fitness to Practice”. They really made a point of how the second your behaviour compromises your safe practice as a doctor/medical student, you will be hauled in front of the GMC and… Continue reading Telling the big bosses